Jingle Writing


If you’ve arrived at this page, it either means a) you thought a tab titled Jingle Writing sounded funny or b) you know how effective jingles are in ad campaigns. Either way, this page has the information you need.

A jingle means that your business will stand above the daily noise and clutter of generic talk ads—having a PLAYGRAND jingle means that your business will have an ad that is tailored to your product’s needs, making sure that it is at once a well-crafted musical presentation and unforgettable to your listeners. Consider the jingles you may be familiar with: when consumers think of buying a new mattress, they know to trust Sleepy’s for “the rest” of their life, often before they even have the chance to think of other brand names. Jingles may strike you as a more traditional method of advertising, but they’re traditional because they work.

Imagine this scenario: During the morning commute, a consumer listens to the radio. Talk ads may seem to blend together, going in one ear and out the other. Before morning coffee, we don’t always listen to chatter. Amongst those talk ads, however, is an ad—your ad—featuring a jingle, which highlights your name, slogan, and major selling points. Music always catches our attention, and you can be certain a PLAYGRAND jingle won’t be so easy to forget. That same drive back home means that the consumer is remembering your ad—and your product that they’ve been meaning to buy. Your business now has a new and loyal client, humming away, all from hearing the jingle once.

Your campaign will be unstoppable. Are you convinced?

a) Yes, count me in! Great, now read below to find out how we work!

How We Work With You

CHAPTER 1 (The Interview)

It all starts here. In order for us to write an unforgettable campaign jingle catered to your company’s brand, we offer a detailed interview process based around a questionnaire that allows us to access your company’s vision—from general branding, to your business’s story, to your target demographic. This process allows us to become a team. We don’t just crank out jingles; we make sure they work for you. The interview process allows us to discuss the particulars of our partnership and your advertising budget while formulating a plan to maximize your ad campaign’s potential.

CHAPTER 2 (The Halfway Point) 

Once we have a detailed description of what your business is about, we will begin writing a rough draft of the jingle as a concept to send your way for approval before entering the studio for the final production. This serves as a halfway point between the initial idea and the final campaign jingle. We believe it is important to allow a break in the process in order for you to give us feedback. This ensures you have control over the direction of the campaign jingle long before we enter the studio for a final production. With PLAYGRAND, you will never get a jingle in which you aren’t 100% confident.

CHAPTER 3 (The Final Production)

With your go-ahead, we will enter the recording studio to begin the final production. This stage is precisely where the magic happens. At PLAYGRAND, we work tirelessly to perfect the final writing sessions, hire & record studio musicians, produce & arrange the jingle into an unforgettable music presentation, and deliver the final jingle in an organized & timely fashion. This final product will be tailored to seamlessly fit your campaign and transform careless listeners into loyal customers of your business.

To make the first steps toward getting a PLAYGRAND jingle, or to make any inquiries, reach out to us at contact@playgrandmusic.com